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This Website is dedicated to the discovery, pursuit, restoration, and/or modification of vehicles that I have acquired. These vintage vehicles are primarily Porsches, although there are many other makes as well as some vintage motorcycles. Each page is an attempt to chronicle the adventure of locating, rescuing, and reviving each of my vehicles."The 911 Den" serves as a habitat in which these air-cooled classics can join others of the Porsche species and co habitat with a few other species.

I started working on cars when I was in the seventh grade. Prior to that it was all motorcycles and mopeds. I got my first motorcycle when I was in the second grade. It was a Honda XR-75. I rode it everywhere, even on the street! My dad, a former Jaguar mechanic and teacher taught me how to work on motorcycles and cars alike. From such an early age this really led me down the "gearhead" path. Riding or driving where and when I wanted. Being able to service and repair vehicles gave me the freedom and confidence to ride where I wanted! It also led to lots of work which probably kept me and some of my friends out of more trouble than we already were getting into.

My first car was a 1970 Triumph Spitfire. I was in the seventh grade and still remember when dad told me we were going to buy my first car! I was a little surprised when we pulled up next to a barn that had burned and there was my future first car sitting adjacent to the barn. The front end was burned but the rest was good. That Spitfire would become the first car project dad and I would complete together.

After destroying the spider gears in that little Spitfire on two separate occasions, I traded "up" for a Triumph TR-7. Dad and I rebuilt the engine and I again traded "up" for a later model TR-7 rag top. We rebuilt that engine and that led to my first 911. My dad had located a 67 911 that was in boxes. He had heard for years from me that I was ready to get out of the British car market and into the Porsche market. We put a deposit on the project 911 and put the TR-7 up for sale. Dad and I spent the next year putting the 911 together. There was a learning curve but dad always had the answer. I kept that 911 through several evolutions until I ran out of money in college and sold it .. although, I did take as partial trade a race prepared GSXR 750 that I rode to class!

Today I continue my search for cars and motorcycles. Sometimes I find them and sometimes they find me. Driving a vintage machine to work can turn an everyday commute into an adventure. Will I make it to work today? Do I have enough room for groceries in this unit? Another boring car...no thanks. As they say, life is a journey not a destination.

My contact is listed on this site. Feel free to drop me an email and tell me about your experiences. Enjoy the drive!